I love to teach and share what I know with people, specially if they have a growth mindset. If you want any of them, write to me at david.in.consulting@gmail.com


  1. How to build an effective data team (1:1 or many, 50 USD triage, 150 USD/session required): Data is the new oil and companies need teams to take advantage of it (ethically). If you are starting out or have no clue how to do it in your organization, this is for you.
  2. How to design your data career (1:1, 100 USD): 3 sessions in which we design a roadmap for you to build your data career. No matter where you are and what you know, you can get there with discipline and hard work. If you feel like 50 USD is too much for you, feel free to write me at david.in.consulting[at]gmail.com explaining your case and I will gladly speak to you for free. I want to help as many people as possible to be happy!
  3. General consults and discussions (1:1 or many, 80 USD):  I would glady discuss anything with you, but people usually want advice on data projects, the coffee industry and sometimes even Cryptography/Security (a secret love of mine).

Courses (Coming soon!)

I am creating some courses I believe would have been useful for me when I was starting out. If you have any recommendations, let me know here!

  1. How to start a successful Company in Colombia (Coming March 2021)
  2. The Economics of Coffee (June 2021)

Specific work

I do two things:

  1. Data (Science, Analytics, Storage, etc) project specification (Basic fee of 2000 USD +80 USD/additional required hour): I sit down with your team in multiple sessions, learn what you need and then tell you how to actually create value with the project you are proposing. Excellent for government offices, small and medium size business without a data team or organizations with a bunch of data they do not how to exploit.
  2. Data (Science, Analytics, Storage, etc) project auditing (80 USD/ required hour): I make sure you are getting your money's worth. I check methodologies, process, tech stack and results. Excellent for companies outsourcing their data analytics to others.