I’m David. I’m a entrepreneur in this life and a engineer on the previous one. In the next one I might be a sommelier/coffee taster in the next one 💪

What I'm Working On

  1. Making excellent coffee at home easy with Arjé Coffee. We are bootstrapping, but also applying the advice from those who came before us thanks to YC Startup School and Platzi Demo Day Check out our Instagram and Youtube to learn about coffee.
  2. I am designing multiple courses for people with a growth mindset in Latam. I am going to start with How to start a successful company in Colombia. The next one will be Growing a company in latam vs the rest of the world. If you happen to have recommendations, I am receiving suggestions.
  3. I have a better work manifesto in Spanish. You can read it here. Inspired by the principles of amazing companies such as Basecamp, Doist, Zapier and Buffer I decided to write it so that fellow engineers and colleagues learn how it is possible to have a better way to work.

What I used to do

  1. I used to be the CTO of Quantil, an Applied math and Analytics Company. We developed models and software to support them for multiple industries with various problems: energy, health, finance and even education. I was in charge of leading the tech implementation of 40+ projects internally and externally, nevertheless what I enjoyed most was talking and bringing new customers. My team and I got the biggest company in Colombia to be our client!
  2. I was a speaker in multiple conferences and meetups: Pycon US (Charlas) 2020, Pycon US Charlas 2019, Pycon Colombia 2020, Pycon Colombia 2019, !!Con New York 2019.
  3. I've taught and given tutoring in multiple courses: Math (4th grade to 11th grade), Physics 1 & 2, Differential and Integral Calculus, Intro to CS, Computational Infrastructure, Discrete Mathematics. I love to teach!

I am learning

  1. Wine sensory Analysis. I recently discovered my love for wine thanks to UC Irvines course on coursera. It is amazing how you can develop your senses and be more mindful about your consuption experiences. It helps with coffee tasting too!
  2. B2B sales. I am learning this both from courses at Platzi and other platforms and from real life with Arjé Coffee. If you want excellent coffee for you and your employees, please write to david[at]arjecoffee.co.
  3. How to be a more effective leader. I am also learning this from material and from real life experience with Arjé. I was a leader in tech before, but leading on multiple verticals is a bigger challenge!

Let's get in touch!

  1. 🐦 Twitter - If you've got a short question or message (<280 characters), please tweet @damaderu and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
  2. 📨 Email - If it's a longer thing, or you don't want it to be a public tweet, please email me (david@arjecoffee.co). I read 100% of emails!
  3. 👨‍💻Online - If you want to just talk and hang, that is cool with me.
  4. ☕️ In person - I love meeting up with people in real life. So here's a standing offer - if you happen to be where I am (Bogotá, Colombia) and the pandemics is over, I'll buy you a coffee, no questions asked. Drop me an email (david@arjecoffee.co) and include [Coffee] in the subject line, and we can work something out.