In 2020 I took an amazing course by Vic Strecher and the University of Michigan: Finding Purpose and Meaning In Life: Living for What Matters Most. I recommend it to anyone who feels without a direction or who does not know what are her next steps in life.

The course teaches you a lot of things, but the main goal is to offer you a framework to learn about yourself, what you value and what you love. From there it offers you a methodology to find out what is your purpose in life (for now).

I want to encourage others to think about these questions. Self-reflection is one of the best ways we love ourselves. Taking that into account, here is my purpose:

  1. To live a spiritual life, fulfilling God's purpose for me. He knows better.
  2. To prefer experiences over material positions. I want to eat, drink, taste, smell, and feel the greatest things this universe has to offer.
  3. To be financially stable, so much that I can give back to my family what they have given me and also help others without greediness and guilt.
  4. To connect with beautiful, lovely people who I can learn a ton from and whom I can teach what I know. I want to know their hearts and pains so that I can help them build their future in any way I can.
  5. To work with people like I just described in a fun, effective, and purpose-driven environment. I want to feel that my work means something and that is improving the lives of others. My work must not hurt me. It should empower me.
  6. To live a balanced life regarding the things that give me joy: purpose-driven work, my loved ones, my significant other, friends, celebrations, sleeping, reading, and those mindful moments of self-reflection.
  7. To know myself and grow from that knowledge. I want to know my own heart, reveal and reduce my biases and increase healthy ideas and thoughts. I am what I think. Let anger, resentment, and regret out of myself.

Unlike the traditional ways we think about purpose, my purpose is not a goal, or a dream, or something I am aiming for. A purpose is not necessarily an objective. A purpose is a way to live that prioritizes what you truly value. This means you can start living a purposeful life today. No need to wait until you reach that milestone, which by the way will not make you more happy. Live happy now.

Every day I ask myself: Is what I am doing today aligned with my purpose? If the answer is no, I know I have to change things, prioritize what is truly important. Make sure to put yourself first. Do not distract yourself from walking the roads you want to walk and from the way you feel you need to walk them. Only then you will be happy. Only then you will have enough.