In life we are always going somewhere. Even when we are still and not pushing in any direction, the world is constantly moving. Everyday we wake up in a different position. Such changes in position define a path, our own life road. This path is composed of smaller and shorter paths that together define your life. Some last years, some only days, but recognizing our current path and changing direction is one of the first thing we must do before you improve your life.

Recognizing your current path is hard, so I want to help you. I want to share some of the paths I have walked in my life and reflect upon them. I want you to reflect yours as well. Even though I am still young I already have learned some valuable lessons that might guide your life, no matter who you are.

Here are the some of paths I have walked:

  1. Hard Path: The opposite of the least resistance path. Comes with huge challenges, habits and a lot of effort. I walked when I was 17 and trying to get in top US Colleges being a Colombian kid.
  2. Path of least resistance or coincidence: Is easy, obvious or convenient. Sometimes is good but sometimes it might not be aligned with what you want and choosing it will slow you down. I walked it when I started working at Quantil after my graduation.
  3. Path of less pain:  When you run away from what hurts you. I waled it when I decided to distance from someone I truly loved.
  4. Path of conformity: You decide to just lay back and let the world define you. I walked this path when I decided to not work as hard on things I actually did not care about.
  5. Path of mindfulness: You decide to slow down and appreciate beautiful things, big or small. I walked it during a whole year after walking the path of less pain.
  6. Path of alignment: You adjust your life to match the goals you are working for. I am currently walking it: I want to spend two years traveling the world as a nomad while running my business remotely.
  7. Path of the entrepreneur: This one is complex and different for everyone. You work hard and more important in an efficient way to deliver value through your company or business. I'm walking this path in Arjé Coffee.

I will write a post for each one of them. I will tell you my story, how I came to walk that path and I what I learned form doing so.

I am sure there are more paths in life and if you want to share them in the comments I will be happy to read about them and the stories associated with them.

At the end what matters the most is not which road you take, it is you what you get from walking it. It is changing your path to go where you want to be, or at least you get somewhere far away from where you do not want to be.

PS: There is a beautiful song in spanish called Los caminos de la vida My favorite part of the song above is when the author sings the following to his mother:

Aveces lloro al setirme impotente,
son tantas cosas que te quiero dar,
y voy a luchar inncansablemente,
porque tu no mereces sufrir más

In English:

Sometimes I cry when I feel helpless,
so many things I want to give you.
I will fight relentlessly,
You don't deserve more suffering

I guess all of us wake up every day to give back to our mothers all the love they always give us.